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Interview with Denny Ellis - Digital Media Artist

Phone: 0797 336 1721

What is Coresnfx?
VJ Coresnfx = Video Artist/Photographer Denny Ellis

Where did the name originate?
Coresnfx came out of a brainstorming session in a pub in Ealing. We were trying to come up with a VJ signature that would describe the concept behind the content before a gig at the studio.

Why Coresnfx?
Coresnfx is a play on words getting to the core of patterns and cycles. Cores = cause, Nfx = and effects.  Meaning both the effects of the causes and the effects on the images and clips are manipulated with

What is the Concept?
The concept behind the visuals is to show the contrast between positive and negative development of humanity in contrast with the beauty and perfection in the natural world.  As well as integrating genetic, cultural, psychological, political, technological and spiritual processes. Most importantly at the core of it all is peaceful positive action.

What is Coresnfx primary objective?
To create a deeply connected, beautifully confronting, stimulating and uplifting visual experience. I hope the journey is not only entertaining, but that some folk might be moved and inspired.

Would you like to give a deeper answer?
Yes, I feel that when performing live I’m like a dancer dancing not a structured ballet dance where you have trained each movement into your cellular being so that the performance is a rendition of a sequence of movements but more of a flowing spontaneous dancer full of contact improvisation and the spirit of African dance in ceremony… My fingers are the rhythm of the drums as I play my keyboard and my source material glides together seamlessly creating threads of visually told psychological patterns some abstract and some too deep to understand and others visible like a sonnet composed and sung as pure as crystal.  i knows each performance is a holistic creative release, my art is ephemeral, totally in the moment and the live performance is unique.

Who have you performed with?
I have performed with numerous bands at Festivals and Events in Australia and the Uk Including:
OTT/twisted records, DJ SeaGoblin/Tribe of Frog – UK/Spain, DJ Ransom/Tummy Touch - Australia, Matt Black and Mike Stirling/ColdCut - UK, Shooglenifty/Scotland - Australia, The Bird- Australia, One Giant Leap - Australia, The Tooth Faeres - Australia, Back a Beyond - UK, Ganga Giri – Australia, John Butler Trio – Australia, Panjea (USA) – Australia, Kristina Olsen (USA) – Australia, The Waif’s - Australia, The Stiff Gins - Australia, Katie Noonan and George -Australia and Afro Dizzy Act - Australia.

Where can you mix & who with?
Live Bands / Tours
Art Galleries / installations
Clubs / Dance Events 
Fashion / Hair Shows
Award Ceremonies
Airport and Aeroplane Screens
Corporate Events
Multi Media / Performance Art
Theatrical Shows
 Live or Studio
On any screen, any wall, any monitor, any public place, anywhere...

Who are you aiming at?
There are no boundaries.

Do you have any particular agenda or issues that you’re trying to raise?
Yes many! I think the main issue is to show Coresnfx e.g.: landfill + waste = environmental impact - What we’re impacting on = our planet = ourselves.  However at the same time I’m not into ramming my views into people’s head and so when mixing I feel the vibe of the space and mix a lot of uplifting visuals and subtly incorporate questions and issues.

What we can do?
Take personal responsibility in order to address recycling and waste management - It’s important to be reminded of the effects we create.

What kind of images do you source?
I've always been a questioning complex (could be seen as intense) individual and consequently have pursued a variety of art forms. I source images from everywhere, capturing the essence of life in all its forms. 

How do you collect your source material?
I take still images on 35-mm and digital - and have an extensive library. I also capture and edit broadcast quality footage on a DV camera, as well as collating material from documentaries, having obtained permission to mix them live.

Sources of inspiration?
Everything - From the time I wake up to the time I go to bed.  I choose to question it all! People, media, radio, nature, life experiences, movies: Star Trek, Magnolia, The Game, Amelie, The Matrix, Minority Report, doco's, TV at 2am, The Good Life, open university, watchdog, survival, horizon, questioning investigative journalists, books, psychologists, study papers and reports. The Internet is also such a vast resource; there are so many influences. 

What's more, seeing and experiencing life to the full, through travelling and moving I have been in the unique position of hopping from Australia to America to the UK most years for the last 15. From this position the overview of what is actually happening on this planet is broad, one gains a unique perspective.

How do you see your visual art developing in the future?
I see visual art performance as the next genre akin to DJ'ing.  I envisage people with plasma screens in their houses and rather than putting on a CD of their favourite band, will put on a DVD or VCD audiovisual experience. As they move through their home, each screen will be remotely playing the same visuals - like having a constantly moving painting on the wall that flows with the music... I also anticipate the postproduction of pop videos and TV shows changing dramatically.