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Denny Ellis - Digital Media Artist

'VJ Coresnfx' Vision Mixer / Photographer / Film maker / Art Director / Director of Photography / Producer / Director / Stage Manager / Camera Operator / Arts Worker / Installation Artist / Workshop facilitator / Choreographer / Dancer / Street Performer / Poet / Methodologist

Phone: 0797 336 1721

VJ Coresnfx is truly multimedia talented to the core! Having studied dance styles from Classical Ballet to Japanese Bouto she is also a highly accomplished photographer and award winning VJ. Denny is a prolific arts worker and has gained experience in all aspects of putting on inspiring and emotive events, from concept development to choreography, performance to workshop facilitation, stage management to visual production.

In her own words Denny seeks “To create a deeply connected, beautifully confronting, stimulating and uplifting visual experience. I hope the journey is not only entertaining, but that some folk might be moved and inspired.”